Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rock and Roll Riot turns Lucky 7!

The last Saturday night of November marked the 7th anniversary of my monthly DJ night at The Cameron House, Rock and Roll Riot. This was an occasion to celebrate, and I did so by bringing along alot of music that I felt represented the spirit of the night over the last 7 years. I decided to spin a cross-section of songs and artists that have received regular rotation at the Riot since my first night back in 2002, although I also kept to my policy of introducing new material by showcasing tracks from the amazing new live album by Tom Waits, Glitter And Doom, and The Brian Setzer Orchestra’s latest, Songs From Lonely Avenue. The musical focus of Rock and Roll Riot has always been very broad, but the general emphasis is on rock ‘n’ roll from the ‘50s to the present, along with various influences and subgenres, including rockabilly, surf and instrumental rock, punk, glam, garage, blues, country, lounge and exotica, and much more. While I didn’t get to play nearly as many songs as I had somehow envisioned (the night is always too short!), I did manage to make a dent in my list. I’ve put together a fairly lengthy playlist below as a record of my lucky 7 set. Many thanks to all those who have come out to The Cameron House for a dose of the Rock And Roll Riot over the last seven years, I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the music that rocked the joint. My next night there will be on January 30th, 2010. Sadly, I learned just a few weeks ago that The Cameron is up for sale, so the future of the venue does not look promising. It will be more than the end of an era when The Cameron shuts down, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Rock and Roll Riot 7th Anniversary playlist – The Cameron House, Nov. 28th, 2009

Duane Eddy “Rebel Rouser”
Link Wray And His Ray Men “Deuces Wild”
Atomic 7 “Save Your Fork There’s Pie”
Wes Dakus And The Rebels “El Ringo”
The Outlaws “Swingin’ Low”
Los Straitjackets “Lonely Apache”
Ray Condo And His Hardrock Goners “Hot ‘N’ Cold”
Stoltz Bros. “Rock And Roll Riot”
Wayne Hancock “Flatland Boogie”
Joe Kozak “Hillbilly Rock”
The Backstabbers “Been All Around This World (Hang Me)”
The Bebop Cowboys “Dancing On A Saturday Night”
Sid King And The Five Strings “Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight”
Carl Perkins “Honey Don’t”
Ricky Nelson “Waitin’ In School”
Johnny Burnette Trio “All By Myself”
Paul Burlison “The Train Kept A-Rollin’”
Robert Gordon “Drivin’ Wheel”
The Royal Crowns “Bettie Page”
The Bop Cats “One Hand Loose”
The Brian Setzer Orchestra “Trouble Train”
Lee Rocker “Bulletproof”
Danny Gatton “Elmira St. Boogie”
Warren Smith “Rock And Roll Ruby”
Johnny Cash “I’ve Been Everywhere”
The Sadies “Loved On Look”
Chuck E. Weiss “Two-Tone Car (an auto-body experience)”
Tom Waits “Goin’ Out West (live from Glitter And Doom)”
The Cramps “Tear It Up (live from Urgh! A Music War soundtrack)”
James Junkin Jr. and Jim Gunning “Yeah Yeah Yeah (Electric Mix)”
Big Rude Jake “Night of the Kingsnake”
Carolyn Mark “Chumpville”
The Handsome Neds “In Spite Of The Danger”
Wanda Jackson “Riot In Cellblock #9”
Loretta Lynn “Have Mercy”
Kristin Hersh “When The Levee Breaks”
Fembots “Small Town Murder Scene”
Royal City “Here Comes Success”
Television “Venus”
A Neon Rome “Windowsill”
Jim Carroll “Wicked Gravity”
999 “Homicide (live from Urgh! A Music War soundtrack)”
Wire “Strange”
John Cale “Perfect”
Moe Tucker “Too Shy”
The Velvet Underground “Foggy Notion”
The Fall “It’s A Curse”
Gang Of Four “I Found That Essence Rare”
The Other Half “Mr. Pharmacist”
The Groupies “Primitive”
The Gruesomes “Way Down Below”
Dik Van Dykes “Curling”
Camper Van Beethoven “Take The Skinheads Bowling”
R.E.M. “There She Goes”
Luna “Chinatown”
The Jesus And Mary Chain “Darklands”
Galaxie 500 “Ceremony”
The Ventures “Secret Agent Man”
Laika And The Cosmonauts “Mission Impossible”
Mickey Baker “Third Man Theme”
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet “Good Cop, Bad Cop”
Stray Cats “Sleepwalk”

The Handsome Neds, “In Spite Of The Danger” 45 single sleeve

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